What Are Content Groups

Content Groups are the different versions of your website you choose each type of visitor sees. This is how you improve the navigation experience of your visitors and increase conversions by displaying custom content (Ads, sign up forms, call to actions, posts, navigation menus, headers, etc.) to each type of visitor.

For example, let´s say you have a website about “T-Shirts”,  you have text, ads and all sorts of content about T-Shirts…

…But there are so many different types of T-Shirts and each visitor will be looking for information about specific types of shirts.

So what do you do?

You create one Content Group or version of your website for each type of T-Shirt fanatic; One for blue T-Shirts, one for Red T-Shirts, etc. You can niche down as much as you want, the more you niche the better the experience of your visitor will be and the higher your conversions and sales will be. You can create unlimited Content Groups.

So when a visitor comes to your website, Cerebro identifies his preferences and interests and displays the content relevant to this type of visitor; If your goal is to have as many sign-ups or opt-ins as possible you would then create a sign-up form relevant to blue T-Shirts specifically, instead of having a general sign-up form about an overall T-Shirts subject, this increases the chances of your visitor being interested on signing up to your website or newsletter.

You can even target/segment visitors by country or geographical location, this way you can change the language of your entire Content Group or display information relevant to their specific geographical location, until now only big brands like Google, Amazon and Facebook were able to have websites with these capabilities. But thanks to Smartduu’s Cerebro everyone has access to software that will make their websites as advanced as these big names in the matter of segmentation and content deployment.

Improve your knowledge on how to use Cerebro’s Content Groups to create a super dynamic and interactive website with the following resources: