The Location Settings Option

Displaying Content Groups to People from Specific Geographical Locations

This feature is very useful if you want to display your entire website in different languages without having to use mediocre automatic translation tools or having to spend a lot of money in a developer for a customized complex code.

You can also display information relevant to people from these places.

VERY IMPORTANT: If you create a Content Group with this feature/rule AND another feature, ONLY people who complies with BOTH rules will see this Content Group (Website Version). E.g. If you select this feature/rule and the landing page feature/rule this group would ONLY be displayed to people coming from the selected places AND that have visited a specific page before.

If you only select this feature/rule for a content group, everyone from the selected geo-locations will see this version of your website.

For example:

If you own a news website, you can display content relevant to news from these places.

Or if you own a website about anything really, display content relevant to these visitors, talk like they do, make them feel familiar and related to your website.