Why Using the Cerebro WordPress Framework is

The Solution For Having a High Performing Website

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Search Engine Optimization With a Boost

cerebro seo friendly wordpress themeWhen search engine rankings are a “must-have’ for any successful website, having a well coded WordPress theme can make a big difference and having an intelligent website that displays customized content is just taking it to a whole new level.

This is what the Cerebro Framework will do for your WordPress website. Having a clean, well optimized code structure that follows all the best practices. The extra boost: Cerebro allows you to display different versions of your website to visitors based on things like geographical location or the specific topics they are looking for when they land on your site. This feature improves your SEO because it improves the user experience of your visitors which is what Google’s vision is all about. view our themes SEO WordPress theme framework

Responsive Designs. Again, With a Boost

cerebro responsive wordpress themeMost premium WordPress themes are responsive nowadays. This means that depending on the device you are using to visit a site, the layout adjusts itself to the screen. And compared to what Smartduu themes do, that’s just cute now.

Yes, our themes, built on HTML5 do that, but they also provide a next level of responsiveness. Thanks to our content personalization feature, you are able to display completely different content (Text, videos, images, ads, signup forms, etc.) to visitors using different type of devices (Laptops, Desktop, Tablets or Smartphones) even different brands (we support the most popular brands). Why would you want to do that? Well, maybe you want people to subscribe to your email list which is located on your sidebar. But when a visitor is using a mobile device, the sidebar gets usually readjusted to the bottom of the screen, this decreases the chances that your visitor actually sees your sign up form. With our themes you can choose to display that form at the top of the page for mobile device users. Or maybe you want to display different ads to people using tablets and mobiles than you do to people using laptops, perhaps you have some mobile app that you want to promote only to people using certain device. view our themes premium wordpress theme

Update Your Site Instantly

instant updates wordpress templateUpdating your WordPress installation manually can be a pain in the rear, we know that. And with non-updated sites being hacked constantly, having an easy way to keep your website fresh is extremely important.

We give you the power to easily update your WordPress themes with the click of a button, so you don’t have to waist countless hours figuring out how to update your website manually or having to hire an expensive programmer to do it for you. You probably also own a collection of website which would make it even harder to update them one by one via a traditional file manager or FTP. This is why out one click installation and updating capabilities is a no-brainer for someone who cares about their time and their websites quality. Our Cerebro Framework and it’s Child Themes will make your life a lot easier, not having to worry about keeping up with new version releases. view our themes separation

  Visitor Segmentation & Design/Content Personalization

This Also Applies to The Cerebro Plugin

How do you think Amazon and Google have such good results?

And no, it’s not just because they are super popular…

Have you noticed how when you visit Amazon you see products related to you?

Have you noticed how Google displays ads based on things related to what you like?

This is called a website personalization strategy, and you can also do it in your WordPress site


Now imagine, in your own WordPress website,  being able to provide a customized experience to each of your most important visitors. This means displaying different versions of your website, different content (sidebars, ads, paragraphs, words, colors, images, videos, etc.)  tailored to visitors, based on factors like:

Their Geographical Location

geolocation-smart-wordpress-theme Different people visiting from different countries, states or cities could see different versions of your website. Provide ads, images, videos or just any content you can think of  that would perform better to people from certain places. Even manually change the entire language of your website without ugly translation plugins.

The Time of Visit

intelligent wordpres theme You can select that content be shown to people based on the time it is at their location. This is ideal for time sensitive offers and promotions. Feature dinner recipes vs. breakfast? Sleep aid tips vs. morning routines? or simply let people know that an offer is ending at a specific time in their location.

The Source of Web-Traffic

traffic source wordpress framework Display different versions of your content/website to visitors coming from specific sources (specific URLs) like Twitter, Facebook, or websites linking to you. This way you can continue to promote whatever the visitor was interest in learning before coming to your site and show content relevant to that. Perhaps promote offers relevant to the website they were at previously.  

If They Are First Time Visitors, Subscribers, Customers

repeated visitor wordpress website After someone subscribes to your website, when they come back, why do they have to see the same sign-up forms they already used? or a an Ad of a product they already purchased? It’s a waste of space an effort. Instead show a version of your website that is customized for them and take advantage of this to reward them or promote additional things.

If They Visit Certain Pages or Categories in Your Website

identify interest of your website traffic What better way to know what your visitors are interest in than the post/page they are reading at the moment? Display different versions of your site based on the different keywords you are ranking for on the search engines. Make your sidebars and widget areas relevant to your posts and improve your conversion rates.

If They Are Using a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone (even the specific brands)

extra responsive wordpress website With ordinary, old-school responsive themes your call to actions can be hidden at the bottom of the screen for visitors using mobiles or tables. Re-organize your content or display completely different content to visitors using different devices. You can even segment based on the specific brands in case you want to offer IOS apps vs. Android apps or anything similar.

For example, you can read this specific paragraph because you are located in Ashburn, Virginia, United States. Using a Desktop Computer browsing on unknown and because you are not a Subscriber or Customer. So by combining those and other factors, you can choose to display different content to increase engagement.

You Can Combine All of The Above Segmentation Options And be VERY Creative With Your Strategy Creating Different Versions of  Your Website

Did you know we have a whole course that teaches you how to best implement this strategy included with your membership?

Let’s Take a Look at an Example of a Strategy That Could Be Implemented

In this examples we are combining the type of visitor (First time visitor or subscriber) that comes to our site with the different actions we want them to achieve at our website:

website versions segmentation strategy

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