The Second Time Visitor Option

With his feature you can target second, third, fourth time visitors and people interested in certain topics featured on specific pages in your website.

You can also target customers of a product, people who has signed up to a specific newsletter or group or people who are followers from a specific social network. The possibilities are endless.

Why would you want to use this feature?

Well, let’s say there are 3 products featured on your website, Products A, B and C. So after someone purchases product A you don’t need to keep featuring this product anymore to them, you may want to feature products B and C and make more sales from this customer, you don’t need to waste advertising space.

Or let’s say someone has signed up to your newsletter, on their next visit to your website, you don’t need them to sign up to that newsletter anymore, so why waste that space with the sign-up form they already used? You can use this to feature a product or advertisement or anything you think this person would be interested in seeing.

This strategy goes along with the marketing concept of “The Funnel”, a road that you determine each person should follow to achieve a certain goal.