Cerebro: a Content Personalization Plugin

Convert More Visitors Into Subscribers and Customers With This Advanced Plugin

Cerebro is an advanced web or content personalization plugin for WordPress… It also comes as a WordPress Framework/Parent Theme which allows you to customize more elements on your website than the plugin does

So you know how when you visit amazon.com you see products that are tailored to you?

Cerebro enables you to display different versions of your website to different type of visitors based on a group of factors:


What The Visitor Wants to Learn From Your Website SPECIFICALLY

  • This is known by the keywords people are using to land on your website
  • What is the topic of the post/page that people are viewing
  • If they come to your website from a specific source of traffic/ another website
  • If they click a specific link that you create which you can place all around the internet, emails, ads and other sites

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Identify the geographical location of your visitor and display a different version of your website based on the City, Country or Region they are visiting from. For example we see you are visiting from United States

The GEO-Location of People Coming to Your Website

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Frequency of Visit and Stage of The “Funnel”

Identify if they are email subscribers, paying customers or first time visitors and tailor your content and call to actions to these visitors. For example we know for a fact that you are not a customer …yet (professional smiley face)


You can recognize down to the brand of (some brands) device or type of device people are using to browse your website and display different content based on that. Again, we can see you are using a Desktop Computer and we could tailor offers based on that

Device Your Visitors Are Using

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Time of Visit

If you have time sensitive content and offers you can choose to display different versions of your website at different times of the day or simply use it to create a sense of scarcity

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It Doesn’t Stop There

You can combine all of the factors above to segment visitors into really targeted groups and display different, personalized versions of your website

For Example:

Website Version 1: For visitors that lands on your website using Keyword A coming from a specific location that is not yet a subcriber

Website Version 2: For visitors that are interested in Topic A that are already Email Subscribers but not yet paying customers… add their location also if you want

Website Version 3: For visitors using an iPhone coming from Twitter, that are interested in whatever the Tweet is about visiting from a specif location that are not yet subscribers

Website Version 4: Ready? We are getting crazy now… For visitors using a Samsung mobile phone that clicked an Ad interested in Topic B coming from a specific location that are not yet subscribers and that are visiting at 9:00 am in the morning (their local time) and that their name is Abraham Lincoln

Overwhelming? …We Have You Covered

smartduu wordpress themes training tutorial

Included in your Smartduu membership is a detailed training course that teaches you how to properly implement a content personalization strategy in your blog or website. With video tutorials on topics like:

How to identify your best type of visitor

How to determine the goals of your website

How to create your first personalized version of your website

What elements to customize

And more…


Let’s Take a Look at a Real Life Situation

Meet Amy, she owns a food related WordPress blog and is the creator of a very good cooking training course, which teaches people how to cook recipes from all over the world.

Amy’s WordPress blog has an average 5% conversion rate. This means 5 out 100 visitors actually subscribe to her email list (which is the very first thing she wants her website visitors to do). She has sign up forms placed on all of the places she can possibly put one; her sidebar, pop ups, at her popular pages, at the very top of her blog as a floating bar, etc. She even offers a killer recipe guide for free in exchange of people’s emails.

Still, she only manages to get 5% of visitors to subscribe…

And her training course sales page? Well it barely converts at a 1% rate even after having an amazing copywriter write the whole page.

Amy joins Smartduu and this is what happens…

She goes through the very digestible training videos on content personalization and starts implementing the strategy.

She starts small, identifies the 2 most popular posts on her blog (one about how to make a delicious Neapolitan Pasta and the other about how to make the perfect burger) She also identifies the 2 most popular locations from where she is getting traffic: New York and Los Angeles. She is from Ashburn and has a lot of popularity there also.

Now in the post about pasta, in exchange for people’s email address, Amy offers a list of the top 5 places in (New York to New Yorkers and LA to people from Los Angeles) to buy the ingredients to cook this delicious pasta.

She does the same thing in her post about making the perfect burger.

Now her conversions on each of these posts are through the roof at a staggering 40%

And she hasn’t even gone to far with personalizations.

She applies the same logic to her sales page and is now getting a crazy 1000% increase in conversions which is way above the industry average.

All thanks to using Cerebro.

The same can be applied to any blog or website on any industry.

When you join Smartduu today you get our content personalization plugin and also get all of our themes and training videos

At NO RISK whatsoever with our 30 day money back guarantee


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