Cerebro Content Areas

Cerebro Content Areas are special shortcodes that you can generate within any post/page editing section. You will see a little brain blue icon (the cerebro icon), this shortcodes or “Content Areas” are meant to display Content Group related content from wherever you paste the code.

The way you use it is you click on the Icon and then you will see that a light-box editor opens up,  in this editor you can paste whatever content you want, select the Content Group for which you want that content to be and then create the shortcode.

cerebro content areas for wordpress

Only people that qualifies for the Content Group linked to that “content area” will see this content you have created. This can be very effective and useful for things like displaying different links inside one same post to certain audiences and keep other audiences from seeing that, you can display images, videos, text or whatever you want. You can write different versions of one same post without having to actually create several different posts. This increases conversions and engagement from your audiences.

For example, you can add a sign-up form inside your post, and the “ethical bribe” can be different for each of your audiences. For those who like “color blue” you say, sign up and receive a blue pencil. For those who like “color red”, you offer a red pencil. So you get the idea. Display customized content and offers to increase your conversions and engagement rates.