Improve Your Conversion Rate With WordPress

improve your conversion rate with wordpress

The way content is displayed online is changing, evolving, and I don’t mean the medium (video, text, podcast). I mean the actual way the website (in this case a WordPress website) displays the content. If you want to improve your conversion rates with WordPress you better pay close attention to what comes next.

Marketers and bloggers know the importance of improving conversions (duh! right?) and what better way to improve them than catering customized content (displaying customized sign-up forms and offers, advertisements, posts, tips, videos.) to each different type of visitor that comes to your website, based on what they like most about all the content that you provide.

Because not everyone is the same right?

To achieve this, an improvement on the intelligence websites (themes specifically in this case) have is needed, a  more “artificial intelligence” approach, where websites should start behaving more like humans, engaging in “conversations” by reacting differently to each personality each individual visitor that comes to your website, and showing them content that they actually want to see.

Now, imagine how your conversions would improve if that sign-up form on your right sidebar on your WordPRess blog was different for each selected audiences. If for example it said for me “Join over 300 others from Miami who enjoy affiliate marketing” (because I’m from Miami and if your website was intelligent like I’m saying it would know I like affiliate marketing) and then display a different form to Pete who comes from Australia and enjoys SEO, it would say “Join over 554 others from Australia who enjoy SEO” and then another one to Susan who has already signed up to your list and enjoys Email Marketing “Hey Susan, here’s a great 10 tips for Email Marketing  eBook” (instead of a sign-up form you now deliver an offer in your sidebar, it’s all about the funnel right?).

Targeting, Targeting, Targeting.

Pat Flynn from recently had Clay Collins the founder of LeadPages as a guest on his podcast. Clay said that you are losing out on followers and customers by not displaying customized sign-up forms with targeted “lead-magnets” (Free gifts you offer in exchange for an email address), he said you should display different forms on each of your popular posts, related to the subject. That’s targeting.

Well, the whole notion behind Smartduu (this website if you haven’t notice) is to take that concept but in steroids, go deeper into that concept of targeting and creating niches within your niche. I created both the Cerebro Plugin and The Cerebro Framework so that people can target their audiences by location, language, preferences, age, what they like to do, what time in the day they visit your website, what they enjoy the most, etc.

For example, I know that you are not a subscriber or customer, located in United States using a Desktop Computer and interested in both WordPress and conversion rates.

Imagine if you do as Clay says, display customized sign up forms (or advertisement) in each of your more popular posts or pages plus targeting your visitors by whatever location they are at when visiting, or by the very specific medium they used to land on your website, or their language. You are not only customizing your WordPress sign up form based on the post, you customize it based on the different keywords it ranks for, based on the ages of the people who visits.

With Cerebro, you can create different versions of your website based on this concept, to improve your conversions and engagement. You can display different colors, navigation menus, images, text, everything. So you create one version of your website for a targeted specified audience and another one and another one. Catering your WordPress content to them based on their personality and profile.

You can Split Test the performance of your WordPress blog or website like never before.

This is way I claim Cerebro to be an Artificially Intelligent WordPress framework, because nowhere will you find a piece of software that engages your audience in such a human-like way, at least not one that’s available to the public. Because sure, big websites like Google or Facebook implement this concept, they know the importance of being laser focus targeted to increase their revenue, but they are only able to do this because they have all the information form their users, people have profiles there with all their personal information.

But neither Google nor Faceboook could display customized versions of their websites based on visitors coming from somewhere else. Visitors that have never ever interact with their website (I’m speaking hypothetically here lol).

So what about the regular joe? the little guy with a modest WordPress blog that wants to build his email list in a targeted way. Well, with the click of a button you can install Cerebro and be able to display different versions of your website and improve your conversion rate with WordPress.

Have you tried Cerebro? share your thoughts below.

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  • “The way content is displayed online is changing, evolving…” This is a fascinating topic of great interest to me. I blogged about it just recently. Thanks for your validating perspective!