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WordPress Themes & Plugins

Our intelligent WordPress themes allow you to display different, personalized versions of your website. This increases your traffic, sign-ups, earnings and performance. And it’s as easy as plug and play.

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Strategic Training Tutorials

We are the only WordPress Theme & Plugins provider that will teach you how to make more from your website. Our training teaches the strategy that makes Amazon and Google the most earnings.


Intelligent Wordpress Framework

All Smartduu Themes Use The Cerebro Framework

Here’s Why You Should Use Them

  • arrwExtra SEO Friendly

  • arrwExtra Responsive

  • arrwWeb Personalization

  • arrwSecurity

  • arrwInstant Updates

  • arrwWidgets & Layouts

  • arrwEasy Customization

  • arrwUnlimited Everything

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  • Cerebro Also Comes as a Plugincerebro premium wordpress plugin


You can simply use the Plugin in case you already have an established

website and simply want to be able to display different versions of it with

our segmentation and web personalization features.

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    • web personalizationSegmentation & Web Personalization

When you visit

Have you noticed how it displays products that are tailored to you? It displays a version of Amazon just for you.

Based on your preferences and characteristics.

This is called Web Personalization.

This strategy is what makes them the most money.

Now imagine being able to do the same thing on your WordPress website.

How much better would your website’s results be?

That’s what our themes’ and plugin’s web personalization feature will do for you.

This feature is optional and you can choose to ignore it and simply use our themes as you would any other theme while taking advantage of our powerful WordPress themes and framework.

For example, you can read this specific paragraph because you are located in Ashburn, Virginia, United States using a Desktop Computer browsing on unknown and because you are not a Subscriber or Customer. So by combining those and other factors, you can choose to display different content to increase engagement.

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Complete Training Tutorials

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Complete training course that teaches how to implement this strategy of displaying different versions of your website to ...get better results with less effort

Strategic Tutorials

We guide you step-by-step and take you by the hand to help you understand what can be achieved with Cerebro and our themes, this includes...
  • arrwIntroduction to the strategy. What does to make more sales

  • arrwIdentify the goals flow of your site

  • arrwRecognize your best type of visitors

  • arrwUse each feature in Cerebro to display customized content to your audiences

  • arrw More advanced lessons

Technical Tutorials

Understand each and every little feature that the theme has, how-to guides FAQs, setup instructions, etc. this includes...
  • arrwSetting up your site (basic download and installation procedures)

  • arrwCustomize your site (Upload logo, background, analytics codes, etc.)

  • arrwWhat every personalization option does, how to use it

  • arrwAny other technical set up procedures

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